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Our Programs

The mission of the Choose Kindness Foundation is to increase well-being and happiness in individuals, organizations, and communities by teaching Mindful Kindness and providing resources, curricula, and kindness grants to implement the kindness learning resources the foundation has developed for different groups of our most vulnerable individuals.

Man Against the Wall

The Lasting Happiness Project

The Lasting Happiness Project provides schools and community organizations with a practical template for developing kindful habits that nurture happiness in individuals and their communities. Using personal narratives from youth in diverse circumstances who have found "kindfulness" to be an asset, including incarcerated, homeless and LGBTQ voices, all readers will recognize the emotional and social dynamics that are affecting their lives.


The program gives youth the opportunity to change their self-defeating habits and replace those with new, healthy behaviors.  Employing scientific research on the critical role mindfulness and kindness play in building and sustaining nurturing connections allows youth to develop the skills they need to avoid feelings of loneliness and isolation that lead to addictions and other maladaptive strategies, which is the gateway to a lifetime of health & happiness.

Send us an email to learn how you can implement this program cost-free.

The Mindful Kindness Program

The Mindful Kindness Program trains people of all ages who suffer from isolation, loneliness, self-loathing, addiction, or incarceration to build kind habits and break the self-defeating narratives that they tell themselves. The MKP helps build and fortify skills that increase acceptance, self-awareness, and self-acceptance while decreasing anxiety and stress to bring more contentment and happiness to their current life situation and set them up for future success.


These changes mean that they engage in significantly fewer harmful acts to themselves and others, which can lead to earlier rehabilitation, positive mental & physical health outcomes, faster parole, less recidivism, and living a constructive life in the future.

The MKP can be administered via correspondence or in online or in-person facilitated group settings. Send us an email to learn how you can implement this program cost-free.

School Kids

Seeds of School Kindness Initiative

Practicing mindful kindness leads to the development of healthy, caring relationships that sustain us through life’s ups and downs, help build healthy relationships, reduce levels of stress and anxiety, and allow us to break unkind habits and replace them with habits that benefit ourselves and others.


Over the 2021-2022 school year, approximately 90 schools throughout the United States implemented school-site kindness initiatives funded by the Choose Kindness Foundation.  As part of these initiatives, schools created weekly classroom lessons and developed scores of innovative out-of-classroom activities to encourage and reward student kindness in all school environments.

As part of the grant funding, all schools agreed that the Choose Kindness Foundation would be able to make the lessons and materials they developed to any school in any part of the country free of charge to make spreading kindness easy!


Click here to find these materials. Tools, materials, and guidance are available to help you stay inspired (and inspire others) to perform acts of kindness every day. 

By helping kids in school build compassion, empathy, and resilience through mindful kindness, we know that the seeds of mindful kindness spread and grow, connecting the pieces needed for lasting happiness.

The Kind & Effective Workplace Initiative


Spreading Kindness Community Challenge

A turn-key program that helps communities collectively define and implement acts of kindness that are important to the identity & integrity of community members.  

COMING Fall 2023

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